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Finalized 2019 Serbian National Health Survey
  • (European Health Interview Survey - EHIS, wave 3)

    After the completion of the field implementation of 2019 Serbian National Health Survey, the data processing and the calculation of indicators, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia submitted the data and quality report to Eurostat, who performed thеir verification. 

    The press release with the most important preliminary results of the Survey was published on 30 December, 2020.

    In April 2021, the study on 2019 Serbian National Health Survey was prepared by eminent experts from the domain of health.

    The results of this Survey will provide statistically reliable and internationally comparable data and indicators related to the health status of the population and health care providers, thus enabling the development of the health sector policy.

    Moreover, the data will ensure monitoring of the progress in achieving the goals of the Sustainable Development Agenda by 2030.

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