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Data collecting


Data collecting presents every activity that refers to direct data obtaining in censuses, statistical surveys or data overtaking from administrative sources, also involving data gaining by the method of constant monitoring and observing.
SORS guarantees security and confidentiality of the data collected by the survey. The collected data are used exclusively for statistical purposes.
The statistical data support central and local administration bodies, business entities, organizations and the others in decision making that deals with all of us living and working in Serbia.

Information for persons and households
SORS conducts various surveys on random samples of households and individuals. On the basis of the data collected on the selected part of population, relevant conclusions are made, referring to the whole population.
If you have received a letter from SORS, informing you that a statistical survey is in progress and an interviewer will visit you or contact you on the phone, it means that you are, by random sample method, selected to participate in the survey. Depending on the type of survey, and in order to measure changes in time, it can happen that you participate in the survey several times.


Information for business entities
Observing from the business perspective, statistical data offer the vital information source for market trends identification.
Business entities that participate in a statistical survey are selected from the Statistical business register (SBR), considering the following features: turnover, number of employees and size of enterprise. Whether a business entity will participate in the survey or not, depends also on the number of business entities registered in a particular activity.
Generally, large business entities will always be included in the surveys since the information they provide is of great significance, considering their share in the observed phenomena.
According to the number of employees, business entities can be: micro (0-9), small (10-49), medium (50-249) and large (250 and over).
Statistical surveys are conducted independently of each other, so it is possible that a business entity participates in several surveys at the same time.
SORS aspires to conduct as many surveys as possible through electronic data collecting (e-questionnaires), i.e. by filling online questionnaires via web application.