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The Survey on registered employment, on the basis of information from Central register of compulsory social insurance and Statistical business register covers employees in legal entities and unincorporated enterprises performing activity (profession) independently, registered individual farmers, the employed in public sector, employees by modalities of employment (under working contract and without it), up to the level of municipalities and activity divisions.


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29. April 2024. Registered employment, I Quarter 2024

Total number of employed in the first quarter of 2024 amounted to 2 364 580 persons. Relative to the same quarter of the previous year, total registered employment increased by 0.6%, i.e. by 14 833 persons.

The sections of activity with the largest increase in the number of the employed are Human health and social work activities (growth of 13 576 persons), Professional, scientific and technical activities (growth of 12 524 persons), Information and communication (growth of 4 928 persons) and Construction (growth of 4 259 persons).

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